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How To Wow Your Customers

Create repeat customers and truckloads of referrals.

One of the most popular examples of extraordinary customer service on the internet today is Jia Jiang’s unusual request at a Krispy Kreme in Austen. Jia was working on his own therapy, exposing himself to different forms of rejection, so he requested a box of donuts interlinked like the Olympic rings, a task he deliberately designed to be impossible.

As he explained his request to Jackie, an employee, she listened. She thought quietly and then with all the confidence of an Olympian, said ‘Let me see what I can do.’

Jackie not only created the Olympic rings, in fifteen minutes, correctly colored, but she even gave them to Jia free of charge.

Jia couldn’t believe the outstanding customer service. He posted the video to his youtube channel, and within the first week, it was watched over three million times, the internet couldn’t believe it either.Jackie had become a beacon of excellent customer service.

Jackie stated in later interviews that she was lucky enough to work for a company that gave her the freedom to make her customers happy.

Too often businesses get tunnel vision around their P&L reports, seeing their customers as numbers rather than people. This reflects back to the business when customers only see a commodity and a price tag. Where there’s a commodity, there’s a price battle and the lowest price wins.

Exemplary customer service is what motivates people to drive hundreds of miles for your goods and services over your competitors, even when your prices are higher.

Never Say No

Learn from Jackie. Instead, say ‘I’ll see what I can do.’

Go The Extra Mile

Samsung was able to double up on a viral interaction, by going the extra mile and creating some sweet graphics.

Surprise Them

Slow down and look at your customer’s problems, chances are you can see a solution that hasn’t occurred to them. Like a clothing store that saw a customer stress out about international shipping.

Express Your Gratitude

Every business has competitors, so your customers are really doing you a favor by choosing you. Tell them thanks – like Chick-fil-A did!

Most Importantly – Wow Your Customers Every Day

Sincerity and transparency are what connect people to your brand emotionally. Some of our examples are natural exemplary customer service and some of them are marketing campaigns.

Both are conscious decisions to ‘Wow’ customers.

Thank your customers often, solve their problems, get creative, and the end result will be happiness.