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Going Green with Promotional Products

It’s All In The Re-Usable Bag

If you’re like me, you’ve got that one cupboard in your kitchen that you’re scared to open. You only go there when absolutely necessary and even then, you think twice about whether you really need the item that lies behind those doors. I’d even gotten to the point where I’d rather buy an entire new box of green scrubbies than crack that cabinet door and face what lay within. The fact is, I’d saved up enough plastic grocery-bags to stock an entire grocery store for a year. After every shopping trip, I’d stuff these crackling nuisances into one another, then squeeze the crackling wad onto an undersized shelf along with all their cousins. Once I closed the door, they were out of sight but never out of mind. I was convinced that as they co-mingle in the dark, they were also plotting against me because when they saw the light of day, they come madly rushing at me like a little kid’s soccer team, flailing wildly across the kitchen floor as they chased after my feet like it was the ball. 

The Hidden Benefits of Promotional Materials

promotional items

Promotional products are useful or memorable items with a business name imprinted on them. There is a good chance that you picked up a branded pen from a bank or you’ve been given a desk calendar by an insurance company. Some of the most popular promotional products are even clothes (Similar to brand name clothes – it’s about flashing the company logo).