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Going Green with Promotional Products

Across the globe, the call for sustainable business practices and environmentally friendly products is no longer satisfied by chanting trendy buzzwords while ignoring our own eco-footprint. Eco-friendly values are becoming a way of life and they’re not going away anytime soon.


What Does Sustainability Even Mean?

We could offer up the textbook definition of what qualifies as sustainability but that would burn way too many calories unnecessarily and defeat the purpose of this post. So, we’ll keep it simple – we’re talking about things that benefit the earth and its inhabitants. Eco-products are not only good for the environment, they are advantageous to the people who manufacture them and to the people who use them. A product’s footprint is the evidence it leaves behind of its existence – from the extraction of its raw materials, to the economic impact and all the way to its final decay back into organic matter.


Being seen as “Green” is as important to your organization’s brand as your beautiful logo and user friendly website. That’s why at Lattitude Marketing, it’s not enough to just recommend a handful of promotional products that could appease an eco-friendly audience. We actually love the earth too! So, first let’s talk about some basic principles that demonstrate sound stewardship of the planet and then let’s discover how to responsibly promote your brand with the right promotional product.


There are a few simple things every company can do today to cultivate an eco-friendly culture. Encouraging employees to bike to work or use public transit for their commute is one way. Others include revamping your internal recycling practices, using energy efficient lighting and choosing recycled papers for your printing needs.


Speaking of paper, not everything needs to be printed! Remind your team to choose wisely and reward the behaviors you’d like to see more of with fun items like branded bike bells, helmet reflectors, or stylish office recycle bins.


Another sustainable practice is utilizing organic products. It’s true you might pay a little more for some things, but switching to healthy snacks in the break room and non-toxic cleaning products in the office could also save you money in sick pay and help with employee retention. Along the same lines, choosing fair trade products whenever possible will let your employees and clients know you’re serious about making a better world for all. You can’t really promote workplace equality with uniforms that were sewn together by an woman working for less than a dollar a day. Switch to using fair trade, eco-cotton shirts so your tribe will be proud to be seen in them.


Beyond sustainable practices, Lattitude Marketing offers product solutions that help our clients navigate the need to promote their brand with their desire to do so responsibly. First and foremost, we help our clients move away from one-time-use products. There are plenty of sustainable replacements for these previously coveted throwaways. By choosing reusable and useful items, your company will not only be appreciated but you’ll now have your clients working as ambassadors for sustainability for years to come.


Here’s just a short list of some of our favorite products that are changing the way we promote and fit the way we now work, play and live:

Reusable water bottles and lunch boxes

Canvas or jute totes

Bamboo anything – pens, utensils, jewelry boxes

Hemp apparel and accessories

Items made in the USA

Seeded bookmarks and greeting cards

Dishwasher-safe, reusable straws

Cubes made from recycled paper

Organic and locally sourced food and drinks


These are just some ideas to better your company’s green initiative as a whole. Once you’ve got the knack for green marketing, every aspect of your company will begin to reflect your eco-friendly values as well.